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Kevin B. DiBacco

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Ever wondered about becoming a filmmaker? Here is one man’s story in the real world of independent filmmaking…

Kevin B. DiBacco takes you on a journey through his 35 years of experience in the film industry…

“The Hollywood Studio establishment has filmmaking secrets that they will never tell you and secrets they just don’t want you to know! Independent filmmakers are considered the outsiders to the big, corporate Hollywood machine. Yet, Independent film and video makers make ten times the number of films around the world.

Most Independent film and video producers have to blaze their own trail, all will make mistakes that cost money, time and cause their films to get passed over by buyers. Many of these filmmaking mistakes I have made and learned from.

Learning by doing is the only way to gain experience. Over the course of thirty plus years you can only imagine how many mistakes I have made.” – Kevin B. DiBacco.

Children’s Titles

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Paperback and Kindle

Science and poetry by Andrea Bibby

Coming soon!

Paperback and Kindle

Poetry to save the Earth by Andrea Bibby

Coming soon!

Paperback and Kindle

Learn about butterflies with this butterfly poem by Andrea Bibby

Adult Publication Titles

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Indie Filmmaking in the Real World by Kevin DiBacco

Coming soon!

A fitness and rehabilitation guide by Kevin B. DiBacco

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