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Seyi Joseph presents mental health nuggets for improving your wellbeing.

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The Art of Inspiration: An inspirational blog by Andrea Fox – to help in getting out of the funk, surviving life changes and planning for a brighter future.

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The Art of Inspiration – Introduction

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Welcome. My name is Andrea Fox.

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Scott Kish Exhibition:

The art of movement…

Charlie Chaplin £200
Humming Bird £200
Caribana £220

Stan Laurel £365 for the pair – with Oliver Hardy
Oliver Hardy £365 for the pair – with Stan Laurel
Parrots In Tree £200

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Who is Urban Viking Media?

Welcome. My name is Andrea Fox.

On a road less travelled; inspired by warriors, artists, academics and sportsmen, I have developed Urban Viking Media. I publish, create and sell art, music and books to elevate and inspire the mind.

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